Change Inspector – Creating A License File

To unlock the trial version, you will need a license file.  After purchasing Change Inspector, please follow these instructions to create a license file:

1) Click on the License Generator under Start Menu – Change Inspector


2) Click on Generate Hardware ID and email the hardware id to by copying and pasting it to an email.


3) After we receive your hardware id, your license file will be emailed to you.

4) Once you receive the license file, copy the license file to the folder where you installed Change Inspector.

Thank you for your purchase.

Change Inspector – Error creating Access Database Message

If you are using Windows 7 64 bit, by default Change Inspector is installed under Program Files (x86) folder unless you specify another folder.  Users would not have the read and write access to that folder by default and they will get the following message.


There are 2 solutions to fix this.

Solution 1

1) Open Windows Explorer, and go to Program Files (x86) folder.

2) Select ChangeInspector.exe file, right click and select properties

RightClick3) From Properties, select the Compatibility tab and check “Run this program as an Administrator”


Solution 2

You can also uninstall Change Inspector from Program Files  (x86) folder and install it in another location where you have read and write rights.