YouTube Video: “What P6 Schedule Comparison Tool Should You Use?”

Plan Academy Inc ( created a YouTube video titled “What P6 Schedule Comparison Tool Should You Use?” In this video, Plan Academy walks you through the Changer Inspector’s features, demonstrates how to load XER files, and showcases the powerful comparison reports. Whether you’re a seasoned scheduler or a project manager, this video will empower you to harness the full potential of the software.

Watch the video here

Change Inspector Version 6.1 Released

What’s new in Version 6.1?

  • New reports for resource assignment and user defined field (UDF) comparisons XER files)
  • Treeview for EPS when selecting projects from database connection
  • Memory usage improvements for large files (schedules with more than 30,000 activities)
  • Logs to track software crashes
  • Bug fix related to windows system date formats



Change Inspector Log Files

In Version 6, we added log files feature to Change Inspector. Log files help us track down error messages and software crashes. If you experience a crash or an error message, please follow these steps and email us the log files.

1) Click on the About button

2) The location of the log files is shown at the bottom of the About form

3) Navigate in File Explorer to the log folder. Please make sure that the “Hidden Items” check box is checked in the File Explorer View Pane.

Or you can simply copy folder location from the About folder and paste in the Windows File Explorer as shown below. This will directly take you to the logs folder.

4) Please email the logs files to